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Henry Paris noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Topissime, friendly staff, excellent food and good atmosphere. Reservation possible (Original) Topissime, personnel sympa, plats excellents et bonne ambiance. Réservation possible

4 days ago
Bruno Bourel noted on Google

10 days ago
暗无天日的神瓜瓜 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The taste is very good, three people ate five dishes, each of which tasted good. I especially like their Hanamaki. The serving speed is a bit slow, pay attention to staggering the peak hours to eat. (Original) 味道非常不错,三个人吃了五个菜,每个味道都不错。尤其特别喜欢他家的花卷。上菜速度有点慢,注意错开高峰时段吃。

19 days ago
Adèle D. noted on Reservation

C'était très bon mais le service était un peu lent

22 days ago
Fengge Lin noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Everything else is good, but I ordered the assorted casserole from the official website and thought it was shrimp + meatballs, but it turned out to be vegan and I was very disappointed (there was a bit too much tofu). but the taste is ok (Original) 其他都不错,但是什锦砂锅我是看官网点的以为是虾+肉丸,结果是纯素的非常失望(豆腐也有点多)。但味道还行

27 days ago
Fab L noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Good surprise, this Chinese restaurant serves good dishes (aubergine, chicken, ravioli ...) Very close to St Lazare station, yum! (Original) Bonne surprise, ce restaurant chinois sert des bons plats (à l'aubergine, au poulet, les raviolis ...) Tout près de la gare St Lazare, miam!

30 days ago
Guoqin Zang noted on Google

(Translated by Google) delicious~ (Original) 好吃好吃~

1 month ago
GINA CHEN noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Dumplings 🥟 freshly made! Not frozen and quick-frozen brand ~ This beats the Yishui store that sells quick-frozen dumplings everywhere! I like vermicelli ~. The Q bomb is very powerful and the price is very cheap. Prices are skyrocketing today. There are a lot of dishes with more than 8 yuan, and freshly made dumplings are rare. (Original) 饺子🥟现包的 ! 不是冷冻和速冻牌子 ~ 这点 打败了现在到处卖速冻饺子的一水店铺 ! 喜欢粉条~。非常Q弹有力量 价格算是非常便宜了 。 物价暴涨的今天。 8块多的菜一大堆 ,现包饺子🥟 难得。

1 month ago
Tchi H. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Tonight I arrived around 6:45 p.m., there weren't many people, the boss was making ravioli 😊😊 so I took some pictures of this happiness and this tranquility of the day. And as usual, they are so good!!! This is without a doubt one of my favorite restaurants in Paris. and I recommend it to everyone. See you soon I hope 👋 (Original) Ce soir je suis arrivée vers 18h45, il n'y avait pas grand monde, la patronne faisait des raviolis 😊😊 alors j'ai pris quelques photos de ce bonheur et de cette tranquillité du jour. Et comme d’habitude, ils sont tellement bons!!! C'est sans aucun doute l'un de mes restos préférés à Paris. et je le recommande à tout le monde. À très bientôt j'espère 👋

1 month ago
Fab L noted on Google

1 month ago

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